About Kathy Anderson

With decades of experience in photography, New Orleans photographer Kathy Anderson has perfected the skill of blending art and storytelling moments in her images. Her photographic projects have taken her from the sugar cane fields of South Louisiana to war-torn Central America; from prep football fields to the fashion industry in New York. This vast background of experience has helped her develop the unique ability and vision to create memorable images and projects for her expanding clientele with creative use of light and dramatic composition.


Anderson is a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, Professional Photographers of America, and the American Society of Media Photographers. Her work has been honored numerous times in national and regional photography contests, including the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for The Times-Picayune’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to her work at The Times-Picayune, she has participated in the photo books “America 24/7,” “Louisiana 24/7,” “A Day in the Life of the American Woman” and The Times-Picayune’s “Katrina: The Ruin and Recovery of New Orleans.”

“I am just as comfortable shooting in the studio using 5 lights as I am hanging out of a helicopter documenting hurricane damage.

Maybe that makes me an anomaly for photographers – all marketers have told me to specialize in one genre. But for me it makes life interesting. “

Kathy Anderson